Mobility’s Role In Insurance Sales & Service

Fulfilling the customer’s mobile commerce appetite

Mobile capabilities whet the customer’s appetite with a promise of being able to conduct commerce from anywhere. Smart devices with rich functionality are delivering on that promise by putting customers squarely in the center of commerce and service interactions. Insurers can’t be bystanders to this reality of mobile-enabled commerce. They need to satisfy customers’ changing preferences as to how they conduct insurance commerce. Market Insight Group believes that “mobile-next” insurers will emerge within the next three to five years to support customer and channel mobile commerce and service interactions.

Mobile forces transforming society

A dynamic marketplace, similarly to nature, abhors a vacuum, even if society doesn’t recognize that a vacuum exists. Never-ending waves of mobility in varied forms and functionality are cascading through society to fill this unrecognized vacuum.

Specifically, increasingly more aspects of society are being transformed by:

  • advancements in mobile wireless capabilities
  • growth of numbers of types of smart devices
  • expanding functionality deployed in smart devices
  • embedding of IP-enabled sensors into physical artifacts such as vehicles and wearables

Most importantly, Market Insight Group believes that in the next three to five years, customers will become increasingly comfortable conducting most of their lives online using smart devices.

Objective of report fueling this blog post

The objective of the report used to extract this blog post is to discuss the transformative nature of mobility and smart device capabilities and their potential to reshape insurance sales and service opportunities. This transformation is enabled because:

  • mobility abruptly redefines the calculus of competitive success for information-intensive industries from a geographically bound basis to a time basis
  • smart devices with their expanding amount of rich functionality are becoming life’s indispensable platform
  • mobile capability rewires insurance commerce and service interactions
  • mobile-next insurers will emerge and enable customers to use smart devices to conduct commerce and consume service
  • new mobile insurance technology vendors and mobile insurance solutions are now available in the insurance marketplace.

The 15-page thought-leadership March 2015 report – The Role of Mobility in Transforming Insurance Sales & Service – is available to Market Insight Group’s subscribers or available to clients wanting to purchase a single copy for $1,500. If you are interested in purchasing the report, click here: