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2015 Research Agenda

Our 2015 Research Agenda

Market Insight Group Spotlight Report

Spotlight Reports

Complimentary • Adaptability: The Insurance Customer Experience Imperative in an Online Digital Mobile Society

Customer Centricity, Mobility

Published • Mobility Weavers: The Rise of Insurance Mobility Solution Vendors

Mobility, Marketing and Distribution, Customer-Centricity

Published The IoT Creates New Insurance Product and Service Opportunities

Risk Landscape, The Informed Insurer


Market Insight Group Insight Reports

Insight Reports

Published: The Role of Mobility in Transforming Insurance Sales & Service

Mobility, Marketing and Distribution, Customer-Centricity

Published Livegenic: An Insurance Real-Time Video Platform

Customer-Centricity, Mobility, Technology Ecosystem

 Published 2016-2018 Technology Trends: Insurers Must Move Beyond the 32nd Square

Future Outlook

Published Perspectives of CX-Shaped Life Insurance Geospatial Initiatives

The Informed Insurer

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