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Market Insight Group Research Agenda

A Palette of Themes

Our annual research agenda is driven by a palette of major forces and themes. It is possible that new forces will emerge and/or we will add new themes to the palette over time. Obviously, we can’t cover every theme within any one year . However, that is never a reason to limit the number of themes an analyst firm should cover over time. There are ten themes in our research palette:

The Digital Insurer

Digital Media

The Informed Insurer



Systems of Engagement

Marketing and Distribution

Risk Landscape

Technology Ecosystem

Future Outlook

Communication & Collaboration

Report Types

We will write research into one of three major types of reports:

Market Insight Group Spotlight Report

Spotlight Reports

20+ page reports diving deeply into issues, concepts, technology solutions, or technology vendors


single copy price

Market Insight Group Insight Reports

Insight Reports

3-15+ page reports profiling issues, concepts, technology solutions, or technology vendors


single copy price


Marketing Insight Group Quicknotes

QuickNote Reports

750-1,500 word point-of-view reports triggered by vendor announcements, industry news, or conferences



Spotlight and Insight reports are included in a client subscription. Contact us at to discuss subscription prices and how to begin your subscription.


I will also post entries to my Rabkin’s ROI blog during the year. The blog entries will be generated by similar triggers of the QuickNote reports.

Use of Quicknote Reports

Market Insight Group, Ltd. will not charge anyone to access or download any QuickNote reports or blog posts if people use the citation “Market Insight Group, Ltd All Rights Reserved”

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